leadership is a choice

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you got to realize that you are human.


the importance of challenges. if someone cruized on to success from birth they are propably not have learned as much along the way as someone who had to climb over a number of things.

Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?

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einsamkeit ist, wo man sich selbst finden kann.

about lollipop-moments

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What you don’t know about marriage

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that’s funny. couples where the guy is fatter than the girl are less inclined to break up.

i chose the gun

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that was a neat, smart, good presentation. an assault rifle on the ted-stage, that was a first for sure.


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gestern waren in allen 24 zeitzonen vorträge zum thema erderwärmung, und als abschluss-vortrag war al gore am reden. life zwar nicht so fehlerfrei, aber es beruhigt, dass sogar al gore ab und zu stottert, kurz worte oder den faden sucht, und sich bei folien verklickt.


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