suckers for irrelevancy

October 3, 2014 on 10:49 am | In allgemeines, studium | No Comments

[Students are] people trying to pay attention but having to compete with various influences

Humans are incapable of ignoring surprising new information in our visual field.

The form and content of a Facebook update may be almost irresistible, but when combined with a visual alert in your immediate peripheral vision, it is—really, actually, biologically—impossible to resist.

Computers are not inherent sources of distraction — they can in fact be powerful engines of focus — but latter-day versions have been designed to be, because attention is the substance which makes the whole consumer internet go.

some parts of making your brain do new things are just hard

Über Multitasking, und warum diese ganzen Devices und ständige Ablenkung unsere Aufmerksamkeit in Anspruch nehmen. Großartiger Artikel von Clay Shirky.

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