busted dragonfly 2

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so. i’m a big fan of buy once cry once.

a while back I bought myself a gorgeous spyderco dragonfly 2 with g10 scales, one of the most amazing little big knives out there. it’s my third dragonfly by now, the FRN versions are a solid choice but in my mind rescaling the g10 version just adds more style.

busted spyderco dragonfly 2 in g10

this little knife I brought with me to africa and also to croatia. lately i noticed that the spring was loose and the lock didn’t work anymore. without tools in croatia to disassemble it fully, it took a while to find out what was wrong. turns out a part of the backspacer broke off and came loose from the handle. This part held the spring in place, so both came free and rendered the backlock useless.

i wrote to spyderco today, and am really curious what is going to happen with their warranty and the implicit promise that (expensive) quality products from reputable companies make less headakes.

it really sucks that this happens here, a thousand kilometers from home, as this is the only one hand folder i brought. two is one and one is none i guess.


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